• Categoria: Produzione e Vendita
  • Paese: Italia
  • Città - CAP: Sassari - 07041
  • Indirizzo: Viale Umberto I, 42
  • Telefono: +390790976344
  • Sito web: Abinsula


Why choose Abinsula?

Abinsula is one of the main Italian players in Embedded, IoT, Web and Mobile solutions. Its core business is represented by automotive, where it has managed to establish itself as a provider of innovative ICT solutions worldwide thanks to a very high specialization.
Embedded - Development and implementation of solutions for integrated systems on proprietary third party devices.
Digital - Creation of web and mobile solutions: from planning to design, from development to product realization.
Internet of Things (IoT) - Development of IT applications and platforms specifically designed for devices integration.
Cybersecurity - Consulting services in software design, vulnerability analysis and security assessment.
Cloud - Whether you’re looking to move existing systems to the cloud or build new applications from scratch.
Special Projects - Abinsula provides turn-key software development services that add value to your business.

Our Products

Abinsula turn key products, from the BOM to the cloud, from the ground to the space, through customized software, developed following the highest security standards. Abinsula offers tailor made systems design, development and integration services for Automotive, Precision Farming, e-Health and Web & Mobile.
Abicare - Custom software and hardware development. Custom libraries and data visualization systems implementation.
Abicolture - Design of IoT sensors that allow to monitor, control and transfer information thanks to a management software.
Abigrid - Development of technologies that enable interconnected devices management offering advantages and automation to the user.
Abimotive - Product development, starting from rapid prototyping process with electronic devices and software architecture selection

Who we serve?

Abinsula operates in different sectors: from automotive to agritech, from health to fintech offering exceptional software and hardware solutions for differents targets: large companies, medium enterprises and startups. Thanks to a specific knowledge in all these sectors, we are able to customize our products according to our customer needs.


Italia - Sassari
Viale Umberto I, 42
07100, Sassari (SS)

Italia - Cagliari
Loc. Scala Sa Perda
131 KM 10,8, ufficio 6
09028, Sestu (CA)

Italia - Torino
Via Giovanni Giolitti, 15
10123 Torino (TO)

Spagna - Barcellona
Palau del Mar, 15
108014 Barcellona